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How do we get others to adopt a life style of holiness?  The best way is to live a life that reflects holiness in your own life.  This week, we will look at how we transfer holiness to others.  We are commanded to “Make Disciples”.  That is not something that Jesus suggests that we do, it is something that he demands that we do. In order to be a proper disciple of Jesus, you must do the following things.

  1. You must be one yourself.
  2. You must know what a disciple does.
  3. You must live like a disciple should live.
  4. You must engage others.
  5. You have to be able to share with them from the scriptures.
  6. You must have the spirit of Jesus controlling your own life.

We will look at each of these this week.  Prayerfully ask the Lord to encourage you and help you become one who can indeed past on holiness to others.

  • Those at home.
  • Those at work or school.
  • Those at church.
  • Those you meet in the world.

Christ is looking for some men and women He can count on.

Will you be one of the surrendered believers?

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