SATURDAY: July 4th, 2015


  1. Reaching the world one family at a time.
  2. Have you asked God to give you a family for Him?
  3. Have you actively shared your commitment to Jesus with anyone?
  4. Ask Him for courage to be bold this next week for Him
  5. What is missions?
  6. Go
  7. Share the good news of Jesus
  8. Helping others to grow in their faith
  9. Missions begins at home
  10. Have you been faithful as a believer in the eyes of your family this week?
  11. Have you shared your family the importance of sharing Jesus?
  12. Pray together as a family and ask God to bring someone into your lives that need Jesus.
  13. Paul, God’s example
  14. Paul went from persecutor to witness.
  15. Paul was bold in sharing his faith and led many to Jesus.
  16. Pray and ask God for boldness to be a faithful witness to others.
  17. Sharing the burden of missions.
  18. How are you contributing to missions as a family?
  19. Ask God to allow you to increase what you give to missions so that others can hear the good news.
  20. As you give to missions, ask God to use your gift to honor Him.
  21. The joy of sharing Christ with someone else.
  22. It is a joyful thing to see God move in the lives of others as you faithfully share Him with others.
  23. Allow His joy to overflow in your life so that others can be affected by your joy.
  24. Ask God to let you be a joyful believer as you share Him with others.

PRAYER:        Father, thank you for helping us to learn about what is near and dear to you.  Let us be good missionaries at home, in our neighborhood and at work and school.  Thank you for including us in this wonderful plan of yours.  In Jesus name, amen.

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