Last week’s devotional was on submission. I hope that God the Holy Spirit revealed the importance of submission in the different areas of all our relationships beginning with submission to God. If you cannot submit to God, it means that you lack trust in Him. Submission & trust are related.

In everyday life we submit to and trust others. For example: You submit to your employer and trust that he or she will treat you fairly and pay you accordingly. You submit to your local and federal officials and trust they have your best interest in mind. You submit to investment companies and trust they will make wise decisions with your money. Children submit to their teachers and trust they will be graded fairly. I could go on but I think you’ve got the point.

The fact is that this type of submission and trust can be flawed. Why? We are human and our natural tendency is to be self-centered and self-reliant.

Yesterday I gave you the definition of trust. Believe, entrust, hope and depend. Let’s look at these four words with an honest perspective.

Believe: Can you always believe everything you see and hear?

Entrust: Would you entrust the combination of your safe to someone who

is a known thief?

Hope: Do you have complete confidence in everyone you give a task to do

or do you have some reservations?

Depend: Has anyone gave you their word and then not followed through?

You see man is flawed because he is fallen.

Memory Verse

Psalm 118:8 It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.


Discuss trusting in man and think of examples when that trust was violated. We are all guilty of letting someone down.

Think on how God has been faithful to you.

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