How to make your Devotionals Effective

Falling in love with the Word of God


This is the first week of our Liberty family devotional guides.  It is our prayer that we grow together as a church family in our walk with Jesus.  It is not our desire to turn people into followers of us, or even our church, it is our goal and desire to lead you into being good followers of Jesus Christ. Each of us are at a different place in our growth.  These devotions are not intended to put everyone on the same level growth wise.  They are intended to give you a place to meet with your family and friends and be involved in helping each other to grow.  As you begin each devotion let us give you some suggestions.

  1. Take time to pray
  2. Let everyone share something they would like the family or group to pray about
  3. Fathers lead your family in prayer and then allow each member to pray

(This is a great time to teach them to talk to our Heavenly Father)

  1. Keep a log of the prayers and rejoice as answers to prayer come
  2. Read the scriptures
  3. Share the insights with your family or group and be sure you make it on a level they can understand.
  4. Share your thoughts on the Blog- it may be beneficial to others.
  5. Take time to learn to memorize the memory verses.
  6. All scriptures used in these devotions are KJV. You can read from your own translation in your own family devotions.  I am most comfortable with the KJV and use it for a reason.  I AM NOT A BETTER BELIEVER THAN BECAUSE I USE IT AND YOU USE SOME OTHER VERSION.  Learn to impart the principles in scripture to your family.

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